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Additional value for your enterprise

Taste, well-being, quality, sustainability: these values that the family business of GRANDER® has been honoring for many decades are values you can rely on. Not only will your products turn out better, GRANDER® revitalized water also has numerous positive effects on your customers and employees – and this in turn benefits the entire company.

The use of GRANDER® water revitalization has a vast number of advantages and perks which both your customers and employees will enjoy and appreciate. GRANDER® helps you cater to your customers’ wishes, offering a special extra and leaving a lasting good impression. Your staff members will not only enjoy the healthful effects of GRANDER® but also its outstanding taste. Once people have experienced the remarkable effects of tap water revitalized through GRANDER®, they no longer want to do without it – GRANDER® generates a priceless additional value for your customers, employees, and the entire company.

Water that is more

  • You want tap water that your customers and staff members will truly enjoy drinking?

    Excellent taste: its fine, soft taste makes GRANDER® revitalized water a refreshing, enjoyable beverage. What is more, GRANDER® also intensifies the original taste of food, and baked goods prepared with revitalized water turn out better. Find out more …

  • You seek to increase your customers’ and employees’ well-being?

    Remarkably soothing: tap water acquires a whole new quality through GRANDER® water revitalization that will benefit both your customers and employees when they drink tap water and also when they eat food prepared with GRANDER®. Moreover, GRANDER® revitalized water produces a pleasant environment in enterprises and workshops. Find out more … 

  • You would like to improve your customer retention rate and ensure consistently high product quality?

    Highly popular: GRANDER® water revitalization is a clear selling point for your buyers that improves your relations with existing customers and also helps you access new target groups. GRANDER® lets you use your enterprise’s full potential as revitalized water supports a consistent quality of products. Moreover, it helps plants, grains, and vegetables grow. And not least, GRANDER® improves the well-being of your animals. Find out more …

  • You want sustainable savings, both with regard to finances and natural resources?

    Truly economical: introducing GRANDER® to your enterprise will pay off. Revitalized water helps you save in surprisingly many fields: it helps utilize raw materials (such as yeast, coffee, tea, or starch) more effectively, reduces the required amounts of cleaning agents, lime deposits, and rust formation, protects heating and air-conditioning systems, extends maintenance intervals, and in this way lowers your enterprise’s overall operating costs. Find out more … 

  • You truly care about running a company that is environmentally friendly and conserves resources?

    Particularly sustainable: revitalized water helps us protect our most valuable resource – nature. For one thing, the environment is protected as smaller amounts of detergents and agents produce the same cleaning effects and less energy is required to heat or cool rooms. For another, GRANDER® Inline Units run exclusively on natural energy – without electricity or any chemicals – and never require servicing or maintenance work. Find out more …



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