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A refreshing beverage for the whole family – GRANDER® water is anything but bland

Enjoyment & Taste | At Home Roland Defranceso
Like fresh from the spring: due to its fine taste, GRANDER® revitalized water makes people want to drink more of it. This is also true for children, who opt for GRANDER® water instead of excessively sweetened soft drinks.

GRANDER® water revitalization will turn your tap water into a refreshing beverage the whole family will enjoy. Even pets can taste the difference: they instinctively prefer GRANDER® water.

Cooking and baking with GRANDER®

Also foods and dishes acquire a fuller, unadulterated taste when they are prepared with GRANDER® revitalized water. Baked goods, for instance, turn out much better with GRANDER®: experience fluffy doughs that rise better, uniform pore structures, and crisp crusts – baking has never been as fun! Moreover, GRANDER® enhances the natural aroma of coffee and tea and makes them gentler on the stomach. And finally, salads and vegetables rinsed with GRANDER® stay fresh and crisp for longer.

Advantages of GRANDER® with regard to enjoyment and taste

  • tastes like fresh from the spring
  • makes drinking highly enjoyable
  • helps you drink more water
  • gives food and dishes an unadulterated, full taste
  • improves baking results (fluffy doughs, increased rising of doughs)
  • enhances the looks of baked goods (crispy crust, uniform pore pattern)
  • enhances the natural aroma of coffee and tea and makes them gentler on the stomach


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