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A boost in vitality for your customers, employees, and animals: GRANDER® simply makes everyone feel well

Vitality & Well-being | Trade / Industry / Agriculture Daniel Schäfer
GRANDER® water revitalization gives tap water a whole new quality that will benefit both your customers and employees when they drink revitalized tap water and also when they eat food (or, in the case of animals, feed) prepared with GRANDER®. Moreover, GRANDER® revitalized water produces a pleasant atmosphere in business or workshop facilities and reduces unpleasant odors (manure, machines) by safeguarding the stability of microorganisms.

So soothing: experience more harmony in your enterprise with GRANDER®

Working in manifold ways, GRANDER® water revitalization also contributes to creating balance and vitality: revitalized water enhances general well-being both when drunk or used otherwise, for instance in the creation of a pleasant room atmosphere or when eating food prepared with GRANDER®. Moreover, employees will want to drink more water when it has been revitalized with GRANDER®, which also boosts their well-being.

Advantages of GRANDER® with regard to well-being

  • enhances the general well-being of customers who consume food and drinks prepared with GRANDER® revitalized water
  • creates a harmonious atmosphere in business and workshop facilities
  • increases your employees’ well-being as they will drink more water due to the revitalization
  • reduces unpleasant odors (manure, machines) by safeguarding the stability of machines and microorganisms
  • nurtures your animals and plants


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