Commissioned Research Projects

Commissioned Research Projects

GRANDER® made a conscious decision to invest in researching the scientific foundations and effects of water revitalization. The investigation mostly seeks to broaden the understanding of the phenomenon and particularly strives to achieve intersubjective verifiability. The research concept aims to strictly separate scientific and esoteric approaches. To this end, efforts are made to rule out any bias in all research activities.

Unprejudiced with regard to outcome, independent and distanced, ‘blind’

Commissioned research is sometimes perceived as incompatible with objectivity and the freedom of science. To maintain an objective distance enabling independent evaluation, GRANDER® does not usually commission research projects itself. Instead, a neutral third party is hired to develop, manage, and handle quality-assurance measures of a research project. This party also acts as the contracting partner for the research facilities hired. As a rule, GRANDER® is not involved in any phase of a study. In some research projects, researchers learn whether the project was funded by the manufacturer of water revitalization devices or another interested party (e.g. consumer protection agency, customers of the manufacturer) only after a study has been completed.

In scientific studies, samples are also unmarked (‘blind’) as a rule, i.e., the researchers do not know which samples contain revitalized water and which contain regular water. GRANDER® is revealed as the funding client to the research facility commissioned only after the project has been completed. The research facility and GRANDER® then jointly decide whether to publish the findings. Whenever necessary, a civil engineer is hired to complement the team and ensure and confirm that the project abides by the testing conditions defined as part of a research series.

Full documentation and clearly formulated research reports yield reliable findings that can be reproduced. Research questions are always phrased in an open and unbiased way and are checked over for logical soundness; working hypotheses are clearly marked as such.

Every project thus realized and documented in a ‘watertight’ way forms an important building block for GRANDER®, making it a success regardless of a study’s outcome. Thanks to this approach, GRANDER® enjoys a high standing with both Austrian and internationally renowned research institutions and has been able to enter into collaborations with many crucial research partners. To uphold the quality mechanisms described, projects and partners involved are presented to the public with a certain time lag, depending on project duration.

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