Becoming convinced fans of drinking water

GRANDER® Revitalized Water tastes good and offers many benefits

Becoming convinced fans of drinking water @Rol.Art Images
As mundane as it may sound, drinking water must be learned.  Many people, in particular children, drink too little and only drink when they feel thirsty.

From the early stages it is important to offer the right thirst-quenching drink

Babies, youngsters and teenagers have relatively high fluid intake requirements.  They are constantly in motion, learning and growing.  Children in play forget the world around them and don't feel hungry or thirsty.  In order to stay fit, regular drinking is essential.  After all, a lack of water in the body can significantly reduce both mental as well as physical performance, and a constant lack of water causes concentration deficiencies, headaches and/or constipation amongst children as well.

Water Awareness begins at a young age

Children learn and develop their drinking habits in the family, but also kindergartens and schools can encourage water awareness amongst their pupils.  Babies don't require any additional drinks.  With the introduction of mashed food babies are given something to drink for first time.  They have to get used to the unusual taste.  As long as babies aren't familiar with the sweet taste, they won't miss it either.  Water is the IDEAL thirst quenching drink for babies, children, teenagers (and adults too).

Increasing Water Consumption - but how?

When it comes to healthy drinking habits, always be a good example for your children by drinking water constantly throughout the day.  By offering the youngsters a sip of water repeatedly during the day, you can remind them of the necessity of drinking.  In particular, children love the taste of GRANDER® revitalized water, since it is easy to drink and is also biologically valuable.  Children should be constantly motivated to drink more, not only at school, at play or when participating in sports - having a water bottle filled with revitalized water in their school backpack or sports bag encourages them to drink more regularly.

In many schools all the way from Vorarlberg to Vienna, there is a kind of active movement towards a "water drinking culture".  Studies have shown that the consumption of water amongst pupils has rapidly increased if GRANDER® water, full of strength and good taste, is flowing from the taps.  "Children fill their bottles at the GRANDER® drinking fountain several times each day," is the unanimous opinion.

Revitalized Water tastes good and offers many benefits

When water flows from the source, it is full of strength and freshness, natural and pure.  That's exactly how water should be! GRANDER® Water Revitalisation gives water its original order back and returns it to what is initially was: powerful, strong and of high quality.

Your chance to win a GRANDER® Drinking Bottle - an ideal accessory for kindergartens, schools and sport.

Send us your favourite photo of your child drinking water with approval to publish and feature.  Ten winners will be chosen from the photo submissions and will receive GRANDER® Drinking Bottles as a prize.






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