Heating with GRANDER®

Comfortable warmth and protection of the heating system

Heating with GRANDER® Roland Defranceso
Protect the heating system and improve the level of effectivity through revitalised heating water.

When the first snowflakes fall and the temperature decreases, one wants to have a cozy, warm home.  You feel much better when there is a comfortable room temperature creating a pleasant living environment, and if the energy consumption isn’t constantly increasing.

Clean, revitalized heating water is the first step in this direction.  Unnatural, extreme conditions in your heating circulation lead to a greater burden on your heating water – disturbances and damage to the heating system are the results, since the heating pipes become encrusted and can have a build up of sludge, which in turn makes the passage of water difficult and blocks the pipes as well as the valves as a further consequence.  As a result the regulation of the system worsens, the heating efficiency decreases and the energy consumption increases.

These problems can be solved within a few months by means of clean, revitalized heating water, because GRANDER®:

  • Provides clean, odourless water in the heating circulation –  without the use of chemicals and electricity,
  • Reduces and prevents sludge build up,
  • Decreases corrosion,
  • Frees heating pipes, radiators, floor and wall heating.

In this way you will achieve your cozy warmth and

  • Decrease the maintenance costs of your heating system,
  • Improve the efficiency of your heating system through improved transfer of heat and
  • You are able to reduce the offset and room temperature.

 Do you want an increased feeling of well-being through a natural, comfortable room and living temperature?

Our expert GRANDER® advisers would be happy to inspect your heating system and the heating water at no cost.



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